History, Goals and Strategies

Ista San'at with reliance on modern management techniques, enforcement of skilled managers and specialists with experience in industrial, construction, oil, gas and petrochemical projects, maximum utilization of different capabilities; as well as close communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, works towards increasing the domestic share of the country.


* Ranked among the top 20 companies in designing and implementing fast and quality oil, gas, industrial and construction projects until the year 2022
* Export of technical and engineering services, as well as production and implementation of special structures in the neighboring countries, especially CIS countries


* Implementation of all engineering and construction operations, along with procurement of project materials in industrial and construction projects.
* Cooperation contracts and partnership agreements with Iranian and foreign natural and juridical/legal persons.
* Maximizing the interests of shareholders and beneficiaries through the efficient and highquality implementation of industrial and construction projects at the national and international level, by using new technologies, advanced technical knowledge and relying on the experience and skills of committed and capable employees.
* Cooperating with Tapic Iranian Company’s other subsidiaries, regarding projects involving metal structure.

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